The Genius of Electricity

Not yet being a 501(c)(3), we welcome the addition to our organization anyone who is interested in the research and educational topics mentioned in this website, who is able to contribute expertise, time or money to help us achieve our goals. We have developed a technology in signal amplification and sensor deployment that we feel confident, if properly implemented utilizing triangulation could predict and pinpoint most seismic events 12 - 24 hours in advance of their occurrence/eruption and save many, many people's lives.

We are saddened by the great loss of life that recent earthquakes have caused and are also frustrated in knowing that our technology could likely have saved many, many souls...

Donations are always welcome, although unfortunately, wer'e not set up to accept any via this website yet...

If you are interested in contributing, please use the contact form to communicate.
The American Marconi Foundation is seeking funding: