Radio Enthusiasts will be able to access a large, remote Antenna System for monitoring of various frequencies via the internet and this website.

We have a lot planned and it will take some time to bring our vision to fruition, so please bear with us.

Please bookmark this site and check back soon, for our goal is to create an exiting, educational and informative resource for everyone to use and enjoy...
This site is still growing and will probably never be complete. Our endeavor is to add more and more content, that will contribute to your knowledge of true Electrical Engineering, which appears to have been lost in these days where Einsteinian philosophy seems to prevail...
In addition we are planning on having a large focus on Teluric Wave based advanced seismic warning, utilizing Alexanderson antennae. In addition and currently in progress, is the setting up of an infrastructure that will allow a real-time audio feed of Earth Generated Sounds and eventually also remote seismic monitoring all via the Internet and this website.
What we have here is the start of what is planned to be a large and powerful resource for those who have an interest in Electrical Engineering of the late 1800's and early Twentieth Century.
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